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ACO HexDrain Black Plastic Grating Channel

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ACO HexDrain Channel 1m with black plastic grating.
With shipment Standard Delivery for £12.00
Excluding VAT£7.49
Our Price£8.99
Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
1000 125 80 1.4

ACO HexDrain is a high strength, high quality channel drainage system suitable for a range of domestic drainage applications.

Manufactured using recycled polypropylene; ACO HexDrain has a range of innovative features which makes installing drainage channels easier than ever.image

The high quality, high strength channel system is available in lightweight 1 metre units, making ACO HexDrain quick and easy to install.

A choice of gratings complete the system; black plastic and galvanised steel (supplied as standard channel assemblies) providing different application finishes.

A full range of accessories is available designed to aid simple and fast installation.

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