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ACO Qmax has been developed to satisfy the demand for a versatile, high capacity slot drainage system for a wide range of applications involving small to large catchment areas to any load class. The system is specifically designed to form an integral part of any modern, sustainable surface water management solution requiring effective storage, attenuation and eliminating carry over in stormwater conditions.
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The ACO Qmax system is CE marked and certified to BS EN 1433:2002 and can support all Load Classes up to and including F900 and is available in 150, 225, 350, 550, 700 and 900 sizes ensuring greater system flexibility for engineers and designers to optimize scheme hydraulics.

Manufactured from recycled Polyethylene (PE), the lightweight material makes ACO Qmax easy to handle and quick to install yet extremely robust to withstand the rigours of typical construction sites practices.

The 2m long channel units have simple push fit sealed connections as standard, with access being provided by a range of access chambers, step and channel connectors. A choice of edge rail designs in either ductile iron or galvanised steel the ACO Qmax system can be tailored for use in each application, pavement design or aesthetic requirement. The ATec corrosion resistant coating on the ductile iron edge rails and PE body ensure ACO Qmax has a long service life in excess of 25 years.

The unique patented inlet design of the channels provides a continuous pavement beam feature over the line of the channel, strengthening the pavement installation and eliminating the need for additional reinforcement in most applications.

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