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BS-EN124 C250

Recommended for use in carparks and forecourts.
Features: C250 Loading, Solid Top, Single Seal, Kitemarked, Single Piece Cover
Options: Rubber Sealed, Security Locked, Ventilated, Identification Marked
With shipment Standard Delivery for £10.00
CodeClear OpeningDepthLoading
 CDS00014  450x450mm  50mm  C250
 CDS00015  600x450mm  50mm  C250
 CDS00016  600x600mm  50mm  C250
 CDS00017  750x600mm  50mm  C250
 CDS00018  750x750mm  50mm  C250
 CDS00019  900x600mm  50mm  C250
 CDS00020  900x900mm  50mm  C250

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