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Recessed Block Paviour

Recessed covers and frames are available in a wide range of opening and load classes. The products are specifically designed for use in areas of block paving where it is desirable to have continuity of surface finish and pattern. These products are manufactured from heavy gauge rolled mild steel and galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 after fabrication to produce robust products ensuring longevity in service.
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CodeClear OpeningDepthLoading
CDS0099 450mm Dia 80mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0090  300x300mm 80mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0091  450x450mm 80mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0092  600x450mm 100mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0093  600x600mm 100mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0094  750x600mm 100mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0095  750x750mm 100mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0096   900x600mm  100mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0097  900x900mm 100mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0098 1200x600mm 100mm 10ton GLVW


Intersection mitre gate 940x705

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