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Recessed Tray Internal

Standard range recessed covers and frames for screed/tile infill are available to suit a wide range of opening and load classes. The products are specifically designed to provide an unobtrusive access that matches the surrounding area. They are ideally suited for internal or external use where a concrete or tile infill is required.
With shipment Standard Delivery for £10.00
CodeClear OpeningOverall DepthLoading
CDS0100  300x300mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0101  450x450mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0102  600x450mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0103  600x600mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0104  750x600mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0105 750x750mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0106   900x600mm  59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0107 900x900mm 59mm 10ton GLVW
CDS0108  1220x675mm 59mm 10ton GLVW

Special architectural Edge available

recessed internal

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