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Timesaver Drain

A mechanically jointed cast iron drainage system for buried below ground and bridge applications. Technical details Diameter range: 100, 150 and 225mm. Ductile iron couplings. Exceptional crush resistance - vastly superior to other materials Timesaver BS437 = 150KN/m. Clay = 40KN/m. Plastic = 6KN/m.
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Pipes are manufactured using the De Lavaud process producing pipes with high mechanical and impact properties and easier to cut. Coatings: Pipes: Externally coated with a black alkyd paint. Internally - two-part epoxy lining, ochre in colour. Fittings: Internally and externally with a black water based paint.

Key Features & Benefits

Proven high performance drainage system that has served the construction industry for over 35 years. Strongest system on the market Can be installed in as dug trenches First choice for under building drainage and unstable ground Traditional range of British Standard fittings, chambers, gully traps, gully inlets and raising pieces

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